Long lasting porcha dn deck painting and staining throughout Weymouth, Quincy, Braintree, Hingham, and surrounding areas in MA.

Got a great porch or deck but it’s looking ugly, faded and worn? We can fix that with the right paint or stain, as well as all the prep work that goes with it. You can have a new deck or porch in no time thanks to our exterior painters in Boston MA! In fact, you won’t believe the difference when you see it – you’ll wonder what took you so long to do it.

Regular deck and porch staining and painting comes with many benefits:

  • It will improve appearance: Regular staining and painting is the best way to beautify your wooden deck and porch. Choose from a wide variety of deck stains and paints. If you’re not sure, we can recommend the best stain, for instance, that highlights the grain of your wood.
  • It prevents rot and pest infestation: Regular staining and painting can greatly improve your deck’s lifespan by preventing rot and infestation. Wood stain seals your deck against moisture and pests, helping you avoid expensive issues like wood rot, mold and mildew that could lead to sagging, cracking and even collapse.
  • It can resist moisture absorption: Like we mentioned above, keeping moisture out is easy with the right stain. This is especially important during New England winters when moisture can seep into your wood, then freeze and expand. This will damage your boards and lead to warping, cracking and splitting.

Whether you choose to paint or stain your deck, we can help. Not sure? We’ll give you our experienced recommendation. In general, staining is usually the easier and fastest option because it doesn’t require priming. This project takes about half the time that painting does. Plus, wood stains aren't as vulnerable to damage from UV rays and foot traffic like paint. Paint may require constant touchups as a result.

But painting is also a great option when you want to add a pop of color to your property. Just give us a call to get the process started!

You can kick off your painting or staining project when you give us a call to get a free estimate. It’s best if we visit your home to see the deck or porch in person so we can give you the most accurate quote possible. Things like the age of your deck, its current condition, how much prep work needs to be done, the size of the deck, and whether you decide on paint or stain can all affect price and timeline. We would be happy to discuss all these factors and more when you book your free estimate on deck and porch staining and painting in Weymouth today.

Start by calling 781-901-2294 for a free estimate on your next deck and or porch project